Selasa, 10 April 2012

Windows Power Tools

Window Power Tools is one of the best software around to combat system slowdowns. Keeps your computer running like new, makes it "Fast and Stable" with a single keystroke !
Window Power Tools is the safe, effective, and easy way to boost your system's performance !
  • Optimize Internet and Boost your Internet Speed up to 300%.
  • Make your PC Faster and Increase Windows Speed up to 200%.
  • Get More RAM and Free up wasted Memory.
  • Get better stability and Prevent System Crashes.
  • Secure your PC and prevent Hackers from Attacking it.
  • Encrypt files with 160 bit SHA1 Encryption.
  • Add Lockup to your PC Desktop.
  • Recovers hundreds of Megabytes of wasted space.
  • Scans and Deletes Over 71 types of Garbage and Junk Files.
  • Clean Cookies, Temp Files, Temp Internet Files, Types URL's( I.E)
  • Analyze and Clean Junk clusters to boost system performance.
  • Scans Multiple Hard drives.
  • Optimizes Windows DLL handling functions, file paging executive.
  • Improves Windows shutdown speed.
  • Optimizes File Allocation Size.
  • Cleans Prefetch.
  • Accelerates IRQ Handling.
  • Fine Tune your System for Optimal Performance.
The program optimizes Windows GUI to make windows run faster, it also makes your Internet connection faster and decreases downloading time. It optimizes Modems, LAN, DSL, Cable, ISDN, T1 and Satellite connections. The modem dialing speed is boosted to three times as fast. Windows Start menu and popup menus speed up by four times. It also Defragments RAM, prevent memory leaks, decreases window crashes by 80-90%, provides a memory monitor, recovers precious wasted RAM to give your system the just booted feeling. It will keep your system running as smoothly as possible, It supports RAM Cleaning of up to 1GB of RAM for home PC's to large-scale servers. Another amazing feature is that it increases the Available Ram by 60-70%. In addition the program gives Windows over 51 powerful security and anti-hacking features restricting access to control panel, system settings, memory settings, display controls, desktop settings, etc.

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